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Mailpiece Guide

Planning a mailing?

Before you design, know the acceptable United States Postal Service (USPS) standards for different mail-style pieces (brochures, booklets, self-mailers, etc.). Our Mailpiece Guide details current USPS specifications and regulations for mailing, and includes a handy visual reference for required mailing elements, e.g. return address, permits, address block, etc. Based on your piece size and weight, use the Guide to help you determine the per piece cost for First Class, Standard and NonProfit mail. Request your free Mailpiece Guide today!



Mini Color Book

What’s in a color?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a visual of how your selected color(s) will look when printed versus your computer monitor? Not all color tints transfer the characteristics you’re looking for from screen to print. Our Mini Color Book has over 11,900 screen tints. Use it to see how your color digitally prints . . . or use it to adjust your color to a tint that provides your desired end product. Process colors are a combination of yellow, magenta, cyan and black in different percentages, and our Mini Color Book has almost 12,000 screen tints laid out for your visual aid. Request your free Mini Color Book today.




Paper Sample Booklets

Paper is paper, right?

Depending on the finished product, your paper’s weight, brightness and finish can take the ordinary to extraordinary. See and feel the difference between paper weight (50# vs. 80#, text vs. color) and finishes (matte vs. gloss). See how color pops or blends into the paper of choice. Our Paper Sample Booklet lets you ‘feel’ the weight of 18 different standard paper stocks as well as ‘see’ color as a digital print output. Request your free Paper Sample Booklet today!




Presentation Guide for Designers

Designing for Digital?

Printing digitally makes sense for short runs and fast turnaround times . . . you get the extraordinary look you want at a more affordable price. Have you considered using variable data/images? What should you know before designing a digital piece? Our Job Preparation Guide for Designers outlines the benefits of printing digitally as well as what to consider when designing, e.g. fonts, color, size, paper, variable data/images, file formats, etc. Request your Job Preparation Guide for Designers booklet today!




Prepress for Digital Printing

I’m finished . . . now what?

You’ve spent days, maybe weeks, finishing your marketing materials, and they are now ready to be printed. What do you need to provide your service provider? How do you package your files to send to your service provider? Our Prepress for Digital Printing provides basic guidance on preparing your finished design for submission as well as tips on optimizing your design with your choice of paper, colors, finishing, etc. Request your Prepress for Digital Printing booklet today!


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