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Finally… Direct Marketing That Makes Sense!

As a marketing professional, you're challenged with getting the greatest overall value for your direct marketing dollar... and with an increasing number of digital channels available, combined with traditional media options, there are pros and cons of each channel as it relates to improving response rates and ROI.

The key question is, "What's the best marketing mix that will connect with your target audience?"

Case Study: Improving Results with the Right Marketing Mix

Visions worked in collaboration with the client to develop a campaign strategy that would deliver 75 sales appointments. The highly-personalized approach integrated multiple channels into a delivery schedule that was designed to achieve maximum response.

Our campaign creative identified the seriousness of a sanitation issue faced by many healthcare facilities, and offered a free sanitation test kit with published white paper outlining the effectiveness, value, and benefits of our product solution.

Visions Receives Turtle Award from the MAICC

Jon Otto, a member of the White Earth Nation and CEO of Visions, Inc., was recognized by the Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce (MAICC) for his commitment of time, talents, and resources to support the MAICC's Mission. One of the first American Indian Chambers in the United States and the first and oldest Chamber for people of color in Minnesota, the MAICC was founded and incorporated in 1986.

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Basics: RFQs/POs/File Prep/PDFs/FTP

The Ultimate Envelope Guide

Find specifications on over 100 sizes in 12 categories, with a downloadable die file available for each envelope.

How Many Pages Is My Project?

When describing your project to us for quotation purposes, it is important that we're both on the same page in terms of pages.

Production-Ready PDFs

For smaller jobs, the traditional rules of PDFs do not apply. Learn the rules, and see six examples of proper, and improper, PDFs!

Understanding FTP

Here's a basic overview of FTP. Call us if you need to send us large sets of files.

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Case Study

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Thank You!

Just so that it's said, we would like to thank all of our customers, and wish everyone a safe, prosperous and happy New Year.

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Type Terms, Tips and Tweaks

Kerning vs. tracking. Descenders, ascenders and baselines. Sixteen type classifications. Master this and be a type guru!

Fonts: Facial Recognition

MyFonts.com has this cool feature where you can upload an image of type and it will tell you the name of the typeface. Does it really work? We tested it with 40 randomly selected fonts to find out.

Innovative Image Fonts

These wild fonts look like images and speak as a typographic metaphor like no other typefaces can.

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Digital Printing

Digital Printing: Folding Improvements

We have a new secret weapon when it comes to digital folders, brochures, etc. It's new equipment and a process that won't result in cracked ink along the fold. It really is a huge improvement.

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Direct Mail

We Do Direct Mail!

When it comes to direct mail, we've got all the services you need under one roof. Your campaign will proceed smoothly and effectively.

List Acquisition

Read all about list acquisition, consumer and business lists, and the secret sauce of great campaigns.

17 Ways to Increase Response Rates

With successful direct response campaigns, three critical elements converge to entice your readers to take action. Those three elements are the list, the offer and the creative.

Most Important Landing Page Feature

What is the single most important feature of any landing page? It's the laser focus on getting the reader to take the next step in your marketing effort.

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Greener Mail

Looking for ways to become an even greener mailer? Check out these suggestions from the USPS and the Direct Mail Association.

Going Green

Get the skinny on reducing your carbon footprint.

Video: Is Print Dead?

We found this video that does a great job communicating the benefits of print from both effectiveness and environmental points of view.

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Equipment and Capabilities

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Giving Back

Community Giving: St. Jude Hospitals

Sharing good fortune with others is a big part of our philosophy at Visions, and recently we had the pleasure of participating in The St. Jude Fall Festival of Hope.

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Images and Color

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Why Print?

The catalyst for this story is a fantastic brochure produced by The Print Council simply titled Why Print?


Tie your brand to a positive customer experience or emotional connection, and you're more likely to develop a customer for life.

Data Mining for the Rest of Us

How small businesses can use simple data collection methods to gain insight into their opportunities, design promotions, and ultimately sell more.

Holiday Marketing

What's your marketing plan for the holidays? Here are some great ideas to consider.

Situation Analysis

You can use a 5C framework to evaluate your marketing situation. Learn more.

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Offset Printing and Coatings

Product Focus: UV Coating

Did you know UV coating looks great and can protect your print jobs from automation damage and even normal wear?

Rich Black Ink

Make your black backgrounds deeper and richer by adding some color to the 100% black ink.

Guide to Rich Black

Rich black uses process inks to make your blacks seem richer and more opaque.

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Paper Glossary

Here's the key to keeping up when inundated with paper jargon. This one's a keeper!

Paper Thickness

How thick is a given weight of paper? It all depends on the type of paper it is. Confused? Read this and you won't be.

Video: How Paper Is Made

Choose from both an article and a video on the process of manufacturing paper from start to finish.

When Do You Need a Paper Merchant?

If you require assistance frequently with exotic stocks or paper research issues, we can introduce you to a specialist known as a paper merchant.

The Right Paper

Ever wonder which stock you should specify for which type of project? Wonder no more; they are all listed here!

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Post-Press and Bindery

Product Focus: Loop Stitching

Loop stitching is a great bindery option for brochures or catalogs that need to be included in a three-ring binder. They lie flat while opened, unlike materials that rely on drilled holes.

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QR Codes and Augmented Reality

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Five Great Packaging Resources

Whether you are launching a new product or redesigning the packaging of an existing one, sometimes it helps to be inspired by great work.

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Social Sites and Email

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USPS Address Panel Updates

A fantastic PDF detailing the new requirements for the address panel for any Standard Mail project, i.e. direct mail.

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Work and Play

Guide to Google Advanced Search

This is one of the easiest-to-follow guides on Google searches you will ever find. Case study based, live links to each example.

The Eggcorn Is Born

An eggcorn is an unintended pun of sorts. A term only recently coined, it's taken on a life of its own.