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Our printing terms quiz is a test of 20 questions. Here are the answers to our quiz.

1. The staple is used in what type of binding?

C. Saddle Stitch

2. The weight, in pounds, of a ream (500 sheets) of paper cut to its basic size?

A. Basis Weight

3. The degree of tones in an image ranging from highlight to shadow?

C. Contrast

4. The term for the phenomenon of middle pages of a folded signature extending slightly beyond outside pages?

C. Creep

5. The phenomenon of halftone dots printing larger on paper than they appear on the plate is known as?

B. Dot Gain

6. Another name for an outlined halftone?

D. Silhouette

7. Identify the type of fold pictured above:

C. Basic Fold

8. Identify the type of fold pictured above:

D. Gate Fold

9. Identify the type of fold pictured above:

B. Barrel Fold

10. Identify the type of fold pictured above:

A. Accordion Fold

11. The term for the set of activities required to prepare a press or other machine to function for a specific printing or bindery job?

B. Make-Ready

12. To print one ink so that it slightly overlaps another where the edge of the two meet is called a?

C. Trap

13. The term for a flat finish on printing paper?

D. Matte

14. Halftone dots with halos are known as?

D. Soft Dots

15. Edge enhancement and peaking are synonymous with what term for making an image appear in sharper focus that the original photograph?

D. Unsharp Masking

16. The term for an undesirable pattern resulting when halftones or screen tints are made with improperly aligned screens, or when a pattern in a photo interacts with a halftone dot pattern?

B. Moire

17. The term for stationery paper or other stocks made with a high percentage of cotton?

C. Rag

18. The darkest area of a photograph or illustration is known as the...?

D. Shadow

19. A magnifying lens built into a small stand is known as a?

B. Loupe

20. The reservoir(s) on a printing press that holds ink is known as a?

A. Fountain


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