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The time it takes...

According to the Extraordinary Book of Facts, it takes:

.05 seconds for the human muscle to respond to stimulus

.06 seconds for an airbag to fully inflate

.20 seconds for the International Space Station to travel an entire mile

.46 seconds for a 90-mile-an-hour fastball to reach home plate

1 second for a hummingbird's wings to flap 70 times

1.25 seconds for light to reflect off the moon and travel to your eyes on Earth

3 seconds for 475 lawsuits to be filed (at least on weekdays!)

4 seconds for 3 million gallons of water to tumble down Niagara falls

10 seconds for 50 people to be born in this world

20 seconds for a fast talker to speak 100 words

60 seconds for our offset presses to print 400 or more full-color impressions


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