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Think Print: Need an Update?

If folks spend on average two hours in front of a computer or smart phone during their 16 waking hours, that means they spend 14 hours not in front of one. That's why real-world, printed materials are the true interactive marketing tool: After all, we interact with our surroundings all day long.

With that in mind, consider the following items for your to-do list in terms of updating your marketing:

1. Add a QR code MeCard to the back of your business card.

We saw a statistic on-line that claimed prospects are 14 times more likely to add your information to their contact list if they are familiar with QR code scanning applications and you have one on your business card. Think about it and it makes sense: Who likes typing and transcribing contact information? How much easier when it's just a point and click-to-confirm.

2. If you are active at trade shows and other types of meetings, you should consider updating other items with company QR code information, including:

• Name tags
• Point-of purchase displays
• Printed literature

3. For those of you into retail promotions, consider a QR-Code only promotion that requires the user to scan the code to go to the landing page that features the current promotion. You can use the same URL embedded in the QR code, and simply update it with whatever your current promotion is.

4. Finally, if you produce direct mail, it's now a must to embed a QR code in your literature to get more of your recipients to take the bite and travel to your mailing's landing page. After all, why type a URL, even a PURL, when you can just scan a QR code to get more information?

A few things to keep in mind, though: First, most smart phones have a maximum horizontal resolution of 480 pixels or so. Make sure your landing page can be viewed in this framework. Everyone hates horizontal scrolling!

Conversely, the high-end iPhones and Android phones have screen resolutions of 960 pixels. Have a button at the top of your landing page that toggles from 480 pixels to 960 pixels and back, to accommodate users of both types of devices.


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