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The Single Most Important Feature of a Landing Page

A landing page is the online Web page to which you direct a customer via a direct marketing campaign, whether it be printed and mailed, or sent via a broadcast email effort.

In that way, a landing page is not so different than a call center script or a business reply postcard: It should focus the reader on taking the one action you want them to take as the next step in your marketing effort.

This is known in direct marketing parlance as the 'call-to-action'.

Put another way, your landing page must motivate the customer to take one action, whether it is to fill out a form to learn more, purchase an item via a product page/shopping cart, or whatever other action you wish to elicit.

That's why it's important your landing pages do not include extraneous links to your default website, to other product links, or to anything else that might motivate the reader to abandon the call-to-action. For this reason, you shouldn't embed your landing pages in your normal Web page structural template, with its variety of links to the content you offer on-line. These links will just distract the reader from your call-to-action, and will result in a lower conversion rate for your direct mail effort.

We specialize in creating great direct marketing campaigns. That includes creating landing pages that close the deal for you, whatever the deal may be. Let us know if you'd like more information on our services.


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