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PDFs: new developments

In prior issues, we have often addressed the issue of fonts and images not being embedded. Due to improvements in operating systems and software programs, we don't see this problem as often as we used to.

We still get PDFs with RGB images and this isn't usually a problem. However, if you have color that needs to be retouched or that needs to match physical swatches, let your sales rep know: One of our specialties is "critical color" projects.

Because of the increased efficiency and the reduction in problems with PDFs, we are going direct to print more often with great success for smaller orders. For larger jobs, offset jobs and critical-color jobs, we still provide the standard color and booked contract proofs.

Proper PDFs:

  • Bleed
  • Trim marks: 1/8" offset
  • Trim size should equal final size of the piece
  • PDF page size should be bigger than final size of the piece to account for bleed and trim marks

Here are some samples: One correct PDF and six improperly-prepared PDFs:

Proper PDF

Print-Ready PDF: Crops and Bleed

In the following examples, we have to create a new document, place the PDF, make any corrections and make a new PDF. This significantly adds to the time it takes to process your job.

Bad Bleed PDF

Improper PDF: No Crops or Bleed

Bad Bleed PDF

Improper PDF: Crops but No Bleed

Bad Marks PDF

Improper PDF: Crops in Bleed and Too Many Marks

Bad Marks 2 PDF

Improper PDF: Marks in Bleed Equals No Bleed

Bad Marks 2 PDF

Improper PDF: Multi-Up PDF

Bad Marks 2 PDF

Improper PDF: Page Size Different Than Trim Size


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