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Ten Reasons to Add a QR Code to Your Next Campaign

QR codes are gaining much deserved attention these days. More and more marketers are reaping the benefits of this crossover technology as a way to engage their customers like never before.

We've come up with our top 10 reasons why you should be using a QR Code on your next project. If you want more information all you have to do is call.

The Top 10 Benefits of Using QR Codes:

  1. It’s easy to direct a visitor to a specific product or page on your website. No typing, no long URLs, just point the smartphone camera at it, and the phone does the rest. It's never been easier to direct traffic.
  2. QR codes use existing technology. Smart phones have been around for years, the internet as well. The code itself is similar to a barcode which consumers are comfortable with. Everything is in place.
  3. Including a QR code on a direct mail piece is a call to action in itself. With just a quick click the prospective customer is where you want them to be, so make sure you're ready to have them take action.
  4. QR Codes give you the ability to track your responses. They're unique URLs or PURLs for truly individual response tracking. Ideal for monitoring, analyzing, reporting and tweaking a direct mail campaign.
  5. QR Codes are cost-effective. For a small incremental cost, QR Codes can add value to any direct marketing campaign.
  6. If used on a retainable portion of your direct mail piece (such as a removable business card) customers always have a quick reference and easy access to your up-to-date landing page or Vcard information.
  7. QR Codes provide flexibility even though they are static it doesn't mean the information behind them has to be. You can split, modify and/or customize your direct mail to maximize response rates.
  8. QR Codes are innovative and interesting. Audiences like new ideas and are more willing to try it out – which gives savvy marketers a real advantage.
  9. Mobile-friendly means you can reach your target audience on a variety of direct marketing pieces – including postcards, envelopes, brochures, custom catalogs.
  10. Adding a QR code to your mailing shows your company is at the leading edge of technology.
  11. And a bonus to make it 11: QR codes are really simple to produce. See our QR code generation tool for a single URL, or contact us for a PURL (personalized) QR Code project.

There you have it, our top 10 benefits of using QR Codes on your next marketing piece. Now that you know why you should use them, give us a call to show you how to use them.



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