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How many pages Is my project?

The hard and fast rule when submitting a project for quotation: one sheet equals two pages (or four if it folds)!

Always consider pages as if you were printing page numbers on each page. A sheet 8.5"x 11" 4/4 is 2 pages. If it's 11" x 17" 4/4 and folds in half, it is 4 pages.

Use these six examples below to ensure your project description matches the quote you receive.

Example 1:
An 8.5"x11" flyer project printed both sides: 2 pages 4/4. If it folds to 3.65" x 8.5" it is still 2 pages but 6 panels.

Example 2:
4-page 8.5"x11" newsletter/1 11"x17" sheet of paper printed both sides and folded in half): 4 pages/1 sheet. If it folds one more time for mailing to 5.5" x 8.5" it is still 4 pages with 2 mail panels on the outside.

Example 3:
8-page 8.5"x11" newsletter (2 sheets of paper 11"x17", folded once and saddle-stitched together): 8 pages/2 sheets.

Example 4:
12-page 8.5"x11" catalog (3 sheets of paper 11"x17", folded once and saddle-stitched together): 12 pages/3 sheets.

Example 5:
48-page 8.5"x11" report printed one side (48 sheets per report): 96 pages 4/0 or 48 pages/48 sheets printed one side (many printers' estimating programs will call this 96 pages 4/0) This is one that could be argued a couple ways, it's important to clarify.

Example 6:
48-page 8.5"x11" report printed two sides (24 sheets per report): 48 pages/24 sheets printed one side.


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