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Meet Kindra Hall, Storytelling Expert

If you’ve never heard of Kindra Hall, you should take a moment to watch her video. A storytelling expert, with a huge dose of passion, she advocates a process to construct your unique story. For starters, she offers a four-minute video and an e-book, both free of charge.

In her e-book, Kindra writes:

"As a prolific teller of personal tales, I am often asked where I find my stories. At first I was confused by this question; I thought it was pretty obvious – my stories are from my life. Over time I realized that’s not what was being asked; they weren’t asking me where I found my stories, they were asking me how I found them. What strategies did I use to access such tiny fragments of life – fragments that were so real and so endearing, yet so easily forgettable? How did I find seemingly small moments and turn them into more? It’s a good question. And there’s a good answer..."

She goes on to identify three traps storyteller novices often fall into:

Mistake #1: Using a story that’s been told before.
Mistake #2: Making up a story about someone.
Mistake # 3: Making up a story about themselves.

Her advice in crafting a great story... Her tips include thinking about firsts and best friends, and taking a photo journey, among many, many others. She also includes a before and after storytelling makeover, which is quite compelling.

In a world of websites that waste your time, we found Kindra Hall's to be one of original thinking and worth the time. Visit hers at https://kindrahall.com/finding-your-story/.


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