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Animations Show the Evolution of 12 Great Brand Logos

Zing Ecommerce created these awesome gifs that tell the story of famous company logos throughout their history. Check them out below:


Fun Fact: Pepsi was born as "Brad's Drink" in New Bern, North Carolina in the late 19th century.


Fun Fact: Coca-Cola is so named because its inventor thought the two Cs would look good in advertising.


Fun Fact: AT&T was originally a subsidy of Alexander Graham Bell's Bell Telephone Company.


Fun Fact: McDonald's first opened in San Bernardino in 1940 as a barebecue restaurant.


Fun Fact: UPS has only had four versions of its logo since its founding in 1907.


Fun Fact:Walmart adopted a frontier font version of its name as its logo in 1964.


Fun Fact: The graphic design student who created the Nike swoosh was paid just $35 for the logo design.


Fun Fact: Visa's original logo was meant to evoke the hills and skies of California.


Fun Fact: Starbucks' logo is based on a Siren, a dangerous yet beautiful mythological creature that lured sailors to shipwreck with its enchanting music and voice.


Fun Fact: Microsoft's original 1975 logo was vaguely disco inspired.


Fun Fact: Google founder Sergey Brin designed the company's first logo in 1998 using GIMP, the open-source image editing tool.


Fun Fact: Apple's 1976 original logo features a drawing of Isaac Newton under an Apple tree.


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