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15 Current Logo Trends from Logo Lounge

Design trends site logolounge.com released its LogoLounge Trend Report, which documents, as you would expect, trends in branding and logo design. We've summarized author Bill Gardner's report below; the full write-up at logolounge.com is worth the read.

Dot Tip: Safety-tipping or a nod to science?

Contours: Eye candy lifts the logo from a page to create a point of differentiation.

Concentrak: Create a rhythmic story to best represent the brand.

Sparkle: An idea that is on a rocketing resurgence.

Pick-Up Sticks: Seemingly accidental arrangements that might reflect the patterns in nature.

Coloring: Injecting fields of color into mono-line identity solutions.

Circle Break: A perfect ring of a crust with remnants of colored wedges.

Trixelate: What happens when a triangle and pixel hook-up.

Photo: Once a design taboo, a new wave of designers translates Photoshop skills into logos.

Rays: Ethereal radiance that evokes the master painters and artisans of old.

Naive: Figural logos with the spontaneity and whimsy of a child’s drawing.

Coded: Logos that pseudo cryptographers are desperate to decipher.

Chroma Coaster: Roller coaster marks that spew color like a stream of high chroma plasma.

Detail: Repetition and pattern hewn out of the same stroke weight.

Shaded: Shadows come and go without drawing a great deal of attention to them.


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