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How to Get Millennials to Share Your Content

Content Software Maker Newscred developed the infographic below to coach marketers on how to connect with millennials. We've summarized the infographic, which appears at the end of the article.

The key for brands is to create content that speaks to the target's identity, appeals to his or her emotions, and provides relevant information.

  1. Target your demographic: Millennials, also known as Generation Y, is a large group: Your efforts targeting a 29 year-old married couple shouldn't be the same as those targeting an 18-year-old college freshman.
  2. Acknowledge diversity: Of course, interests vary widely. Speak the language of your targets while trying to keep your approach universal and inclusive.
  3. Avoid self-promotion: Content's perceived value is more important than ever.
  4. Beware of being boring: Make it interesting, thought provoking, funny or even angry. In the past we've shied away from controversy. When marketing to millennials, not so much.
  5. Keep it short: Millennials respond better to short-form content, be it articles or videos.
  6. Play it out on social media: Use Twitter and Facebook to keep your brand in millennials' minds' eye. Try to leverage current hot topics with humorous tweets of your own!
Newscred Millenials


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