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Creating Great Content for Boring Industries

Boring is in the eye of the beholder: Name a business, and some folks might find the subject matter a big yawn. That is, until they need that product or service. That's the key to generating content for many industries: Provide the information that is relevant and engaging to the user.

Inbound marketing is all about getting the attention of folks who are looking for answers, and providing the information they most likely will be looking for.

Below are nine content ideas to help anyone, especially those like us who might be in an industry some consider boring, to excel.

1. Know Your Customers
What are your customers' profiles and demographics? Really delve into their needs, problems, attitudes, interests, opinions and demographics. The better you understand the profile, the more relevant the content will be.

2. Know the Relevant Topics
What topics are the most relevant to your customers? A cleaning service, for example, might weigh in on the easiest type/brands of carpet to clean. A vacation destination might extoll the beauty of their local surroundings, or feature local activities or things to do. It's easy to relate what you offer to an unlimited number of topics of interest to customers.

3. Brainstorm to Greatness
Whether it's a formal session or simply asking questions, talk to your colleagues, customers and anyone you can to find out what they find interesting.

4. Tell a Great Story
Clothing manufacturer Vineyard Vines was featured on Good Morning America recently. They received a letter from an eight year old girl complaining about the name of their kids clothing line, "Lazy Pants". She pointed out that she likes the pants, but she is not lazy. They invited the family in, and let the girl rename the line and design her own pants! It was fun and engaging and told a story about a brand many had never heard of on national television.

5. Create Videos
Create a short video to help tell your story. Show your product or service in action, provide how-to's, anything that is relevant to your customers.

6. Use Pictures
Did you know pictures are the most popular type of content on the web? Whatever your industry, photos will help tell an interesting, engaging story.

7. Publish Guides
For complex topics, consider writing a guide that explains in detail how to accomplish a given task.

8. Simplify with Infographics
An infographic is a great way to visually tell a story that might otherwise be difficult or boring to tell. Provide your "big picture" overview with a beautiful infographic in a way that explains a complicated issue in a simple, visual way.

9. Answer Questions and Solve Problems
This goes to the heart of why people make a purchase decision to buy your product or service. Whatever the questions they have, whatever the problems they face, provide the answers and solutions in a way that positions your offerings effectively.


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