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Five Great Videos That Explain Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the process of superimposing digital content onto real-world items, providing a sense of illusion or virtual reality. Devices such as smartphones, pads and even magnifying glasses developed for children provide the augmented reality experience when placed in front of a real world item such as the printed page.

It has been used by advertisers, marketers, educators and others to render a 3D image, 360 degree image, or video content, each of which is triggered when held up to a marker image.

We thought the best way to explain augmented reality might be to simply curate some great Youtube videos on the subject. Below are four short videos and a longer presentation that show what is possible with augmented reality.

Magnifier NEO: AR for kids

Marvel: The comic book becomes the cartoon

The rupestrian church of Meryemana in Cappadocia, Turkey: AR in architecture

Parks Canada: Adding richer content and video to a static image

A More in-depth explanation: Using augmented reality to create engagement with print


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