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Survey: Nearly Two-Thirds of B2B Marketers Rely on Direct Mail to Achieve Their Marketing Goals

Palo Alto-based Regalix, which provides market intelligence, campaign formulation and analytics, surveyed senior marketing executives in companies ranging in size from under a million dollars in annual revenue to over a billion dollars, to understand the state of B2B marketing today and what marketers think could be the success recipe. Respondents were B2B marketers with a fairly good mix of product and services. 85 percent of companies surveyed had marketing budgets of up to USD 10 million for the year 2015. The survey was done globally.

We found the following portion especially encouraging: Fully 64% of these business-to-business respondents listed direct mail as a critical component of their marketing mix. So, despite the worldwide interest in digital platforms, print remains a key component of savvy B2B marketers' strategies, and remains a great medium for a high return-on-investment.

2015 marketing mix

To read the entire report, visit http://www.regalix.com/by_regalix/research/reports/state-of-b2b-marketing-2015/


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