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  4. 4. Presentation Guide for Designers
  5. 5. Prepress for Digital Printing

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Some of Our Favorite Articles


The Ultimate Envelope Guide
in Production Tools
Find specifications on over 100 sizes in 12 categories, with a downloadable die file available for each envelope.


Recycling Calculator: Environmental Impact
in Environment
Calculate the impact of your recycled stock choices.


12 Easy-to-Understand Examples of How Posters Work
in Creative
Review 12 posters from the Cooper Hewitt/Smithsonian Museum exhibit How Posters Work and see an example of each.


Often-Overlooked Rules of Grammar
in Communications
Review the finer points of grammar, the little things that can make all the difference, to see if your writing complies.


28 Design Terms Every Marketer Should Know
in Creative
Check out this great infographic of 28 design terms that every marketer should know.


Damaged Direct Mail
in Direct Response
PIA recently made a set of recommendations to minimize automation damage as your direct mail piece is processed by the Post Office. These recommendations will help you minimize automation damage.


Powerful List Profiling Solution for Direct Marketers
in Direct Response
Now there's an easy-to-use tool to statistically profile your best B2B or B2C customers.


Niches: Big Data Comes to Print List Sourcing
in Direct Response
Niches is a proprietary segmentation tool that uses demographic elements to group a household into one of 26 specific clusters.


1:1 Marketing and Variable Data Printing
in Marketing
This article delves into the concepts driving one-to-marketing and digital printing, touching on databases.


Google Chart Generation Tools
in Marketing
It is easy to create amazing charts with the charting tools at google.com.


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