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Give Yourself a Big, Fat, Bonus!

Case Study: Take Customer Loyalty & Traffic Generation to a Whole New Level.

While monitoring the performance of this particular promotion, an excited marketing manager emailed us this exact quote... "Wow, I'm going to get a big, fat, bonus for this one!"

It's always our goal to outperform expectations, and on this particular project, we worked closely with our casino customer to analyze the behavioral data of their loyalty card holders. After considering all data, as well as motivational factors, we developed a campaign strategy where everyone in the targeted groups would be a guaranteed winner.

Casino Promotion: Loyalty & Traffic Generation


• Build customer loyalty with promotional offers
• Collect opt-in contact information:
    - Email address
    - Home phone number
    - Mobile opt-in
• Increase casino traffic on targeted days:
    - Monday and Tuesday

Target Audience:

48,605 current casino and hotel Players Club card holders


Log In & Cash Out—guaranteed winner of Free Play, with one chance at the $10,000 Grand Prize


In collaboration with our casino client, Visions helped analyze the behavioral data of targeted Players Club card holders. After considering all data, as well as motivational factors, we developed a campaign strategy where everyone in the targeted group would become a guaranteed winner. This strategy proved to be very effective as our "Log In & Cash Out" theme created a sense of excitement and urgency, giving each participant an opportunity to win Free Play, with one lucky Grand Prize winner of $10,000 in cash.

The interactive campaign was delivered through a highly-personalized, multi-channel, multi-touch approach, with the first touch being a postcard specifically designed to drive members to a personalized URL. The postcard creative was designed to motivate Players Club members with gender/age-specific imagery, a personalized URL, additional messaging relevant to each recipient, and our "guaranteed winner" offer.

Touch two of the campaign, the personalized URL, did all the heavy lifting—providing end users access through a secure landing page. Once in, players were congratulated and informed that all winning amounts would be delivered via email. They were asked to submit a valid email address through a simple form that also included two additional opt-in requests—the opportunity to receive future marketing promotions through both their mobile and home phone numbers. Once these three simple fields were completed and the form successfully submitted, an email was automatically generated and sent.

Touch three of the campaign was a congratulatory email highlighting the amount of Free Play won by each recipient, including complete instructions on how to redeem their Free Play dollars. Free Play amounts ranged from $10–$125, and were good for two days only—Monday and Tuesday of the identified week. Those who did not win the Grand Prize also received a coupon for a second chance $10,000 prize drawing. Coupon holders had to be present to win, and were required to provide a valid coupon for verification.

The campaign's fourth and final touch was an email sent two days prior to the actual promotion dates, reminding participants to take advantage of their Free Play and second chance coupon—valid only on the upcoming Monday and Tuesday.

The entire campaign ran over a three-week period, with the client monitoring its performance through our secure analytics dashboard. A complete set of performance data was also made available, with secure access to all information captured.


List Count48,605
Visits 15,210
Site Conversion 98.50%
Overall Conversion 30.83%
Emails 14,985
Home & Cell Phone numbers 11,676
ROI 552%

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