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Six Cutting Edge Logo Design Trends

1. Flat designs will continue to dominate
The clean look of flat designs are not their only advantage; they also look great across multiple browsing devices, especially SVG, and load a lot faster as well. Patterns, textures and shadows are all giving way to logos with cleaner, simpler lines and colors.

2. Handmade is in
Handmade/hand-drawn logos are very popular right now. They provide a nice contrast to today's CGI world.

3. Look for Dynamic logos
Dynamic, kinetic logos, where a component remains the same while other components vary, are a key trend. In this case, the Nickelodeon logotype remains the same while the shapes encasing it are different.

4. Negative space continues to rock
Negative space conveys a deeper message, as the concept literally emerges from nothing. Plus, they rock visually.

5. Letter stacking is the new rage
Just like positive letterspace before it, letter stacking takes the typically horizontal and converts it to include a vertical element. We find them interesting, but a bit hard to comprehend in some implementations.

6. Monolines are in vogue
Monolines combine the flat design and handmade feel of trends one and two above to provide a clean, easy to grasp logo execution.


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