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Event Marketing Made Easy:
A Visions Case Study

The biggest fear for any event host is poor attendance, and the biggest challenge of any event marketer is attracting the right people — filling the seats with the target audience! To be successful, you need a differentiator that engages the recipient, makes it easy for them to register, and gets them to the event. You'll also need a creative approach that integrates the right marketing channels, technologies, and traditional approaches that can deliver results. Take a look at how this was accomplished for an event in the Washington D.C area.

Make your event a more enjoyable experience


  • Drive new attendees and customer prospects to event
  • Increase business from existing customers
  • Showcase customer's Document Review Center
  • Provide an integrated registration process

Target Audience:

335 customers and prospects in the Washington D.C. area


Happy hour with giveaways: spa gifts, gift certificates, chair massages, iPad, D.C. Cupcakes


Working with a supplied list of current customers and prospects compiled from the CRMs of five D.C. area sales reps, Visions partnered with the client to create an integrated campaign specifically designed to drive traffic to an open house event and happy hour. The creative approach would play a vital role —Visions worked with the in-house design team to integrate a unique form of visual personalization across all channels. Personalized maps were also used to graphically highlight the most direct route from the recipient's home to the event.

The first touch of this multi-channel, multi-touch campaign was a personalized invitation, designed to drive recipients to their personalized URL and online registration mechanism. The second touch post card and third touch email were sent to non-responders, giving them additional opportunities to register for the event. Those who visited their PURL and registered also received a confirmation email.

In addition, static invitations were handed out by local sales reps which directed recipients to register utilizing a general URL and online registration mechanism. To help ensure maximum turnout, all registrants for the event received a reminder email one day prior to the scheduled event date.

Measure of Success:

56 attendees


Campaign Summary

Total Sent335
Visits 96
Responses 88
Visitor %28.66%
Site Conversion 91.67%
Overall Conversion 26.27%

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