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Is Information Security Part of Your Culture?

It's commonplace for Marketing Service Providers (MSP) to refer to themselves as "partners" when pitching one service or another. But when it comes to data security and what's at stake, your MSP must first be your security partner, with the capacity to protect you from multiple layers of cyber risk in an uncertain operating environment.

Online and print communication initiatives often require that sensitive company and customer information be provided to the MSP. It might be as simple as customer names and/or email addresses or, in the case of many 1:1 efforts, triggered communication systems that requires additional data such as purchase history, medical records, social security numbers, and other types of sensitive information. The last thing you need is an embarrassing data breach that exposes you, your customers, or your employees to additional risk.

At Visions, we understand the critical nature of handling sensitive customer data in an ever-changing digital world. We've built a culture that respects the vital need for security and privacy when it comes to all types of data shared in the course of everyday business.

Our security practices include multiple layers of protection. First, all processes are designed with the security of your information paramount. This begins with the utilization of security protocols that protect private information and ensures the integrity of sensitive customer data.

ssae Second, we subject ourselves to both internal and external reviews/audits. Visions' information security policies are audited, implemented and certified. They're aligned with the requirements of SSAE 16: SOC 2 Type 2 protocol, are HIPAA compliant, and meet ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards as well as current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Third, we continuously monitor our systems so that all information and information systems are protected from unauthorized access — ensuring that only authorized users have access to sensitive customer information.

Fourth, we focus on security at the project level — namely that all data transfers, execution of data processing, and amendment and/or purchasing of proprietary customer data is secure and protected; that physical access to our facility is controlled, locked down, and protected with security protocols and cameras; and, finally, we archive only that data agreed upon — purging all other provided data once your project is complete.

Visions has worked hard to earn the moniker "security expert" when it comes to handling your sensitive customer data. We're also specialists at mitigating the risks of exposing your data to third party vendors. Have you ever considered the fallout from a sensitive data breach? If not, we can help, and would be happy to set up a security audit to asses any threats or vulnerabilities.

Information Security is part of our culture, and we can make it part of yours.

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