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What Goes Around, Comes Around — The Direct Marketers Secret Weapon!

As a marketing professional, you're challenged with getting the greatest overall value for your direct marketing dollar... and with an increasing number of digital channels available, combined with traditional media options, there are pros and cons of each channel as it relates to improving response rates and ROI.

The key question is, "What's the best marketing mix that will connect with your target audience?"

Almost overlooked, but making a comeback, direct mail can be the direct marketer's secret weapon. It continues to deliver, with response rates that outperform digital channels at rates anywhere from of 20:1 - 40:1!

Look at these averages and see for yourself:


Avg. Response

Direct Mail from In House List






Why is direct mail such a reliable performer for delivering some of the highest response rates? Could it be that consumers, now more than ever, are continually bombarded by digital messages they don't want? With the proliferation of emails and the onslaught of display ads everywhere, direct mail provides other unique advantages.

Today, direct mail has become less cluttered. Why not consider it as part of your next campaign.

  • People 24 years of age and younger are among the most direct mail responsive.
  • 48% of people retain direct mail for future reference.
  • Direct mail is used less often now, so people pay more attention to it!
  • 73% of consumers prefer mail to other advertising methods.
  • Average response rates for targeted direct mail is 4.4%, compared to email's rate of 0.12%.

Consider these tips and best practices when integrating direct mail into your marketing plan.

Focus on the Marketing Mix:

The key concept here is "mix." Use direct mail as part of your campaign to act as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Recognize that you will maximize the impact of your mobile, email, and even app channels, when you combine them with a physical mailer. Time your drops on a schedule that allows you to capture response data while building mind share and retention.

Use Digital to Track Direct Mail:

Tracking direct mail need not be challenging. First, design your mailer in a way that allows you to identify and track responses and even individuals. Utilize a QR code or a personalized URL. If you are using a discount or other promotional offer, use a unique and exclusive voucher code. At the very least, tie the code to the mail piece—even better, tie it to the individual.

Track those web hits generated from your mailers with standardized tools like Google Analytics. Make sure you also monitor your social channels for brand mentions. Encourage more social interaction via incentives tied to online polls, competitions, sweepstakes and other forms of engagement.

Use Standardized Tools, Like Google Analytics, to Track Web Hits From Your Mailers:

Make sure you are monitoring your social channels for brand mentions. Encourage more social interaction via incentives tied to online polls, competitions, sweepstakes, and other forms of engagement.

Learn More . . . Test Everything You Can:

Solid planning and execution can help you analyze your campaign effectively.

Test your efforts with each component, every time, and you will see a clear benefit. The universe of testing options is amazing. Test the physical design, test the headline, test your email subject line, test your offer structure (dollar vs. percent discount), test your offer timeframe, test your lists, test cross-product promotions. The more you add a simple A/B test to discrete aspects of your campaign, the more you will know what works best for you, your product or service, and your target market.

Increase Response Rates by Adding Marketing Channels:

Make integrated marketing a priority for your campaigns. Rather than separating your physical and virtual efforts, view each as part of a holistic strategy. Avoid boxing yourself in with a silo mentality: each component is a complement within the single campaign.

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