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Five Great Packaging Resources

Whether you are launching a new product or redesigning the packaging of an existing one, sometimes it helps to be inspired by great work. We've curated five packaging website resources that you will absolutely love to do just that.

The Dieline

This is the world's most visited packaging design website. It focuses on the standards of packaging design, the process and trends, with a wealth of information, educational resources and of course the visual stimulation you get from seeing the best from the packaging design community. There is so much content here for you to get lost in. Enjoy!

Trending Packaging

Well designed and organized, Trending Packaging features a great design, excellent organization and we absolutely love the "Search by Category" feature to find inspiration on just what you're looking for. Check out the packaging trends and tutorials as well.

Packaging Design Archive

The Packaging Design Archive is a giant resource for research and inspiration. Thinking of a style of packaging? A specific use or material? A style/mood/feeling you want to evoke. The site is easy to navigate: just click away to see great examples of whatever inspires you. Be careful though: you may find yourself spending your entire day on this site.

Packaging of the World

Great samples from literally around the world. Inspiring!

Retail Design Blog

Retail Design Blog explores the entire retail experience. For trends beyond just the package itself, this is an interesting resource if you plan to sell via a retail channel. Trends covered include up-and-coming influences in visual merchandising, retail environment trends as well as packaging type, style coloring and design.




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