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Come experience one of the most powerful influencers over consumer buying behavior today, and learn how to connect with customers like never before.

Visions' Extra Sensory Print allows you to transform your marketing materials into a more intimate experience by infusing the sense of touch into every printed piece. Add dimension to the printed page; and create an endless variety of raised textured surfaces and special effects that your customers can't resist holding, touching, and running their fingers across. You can even personalize messages with digital variable foils and textured UV.

Boost your marketing results by improving:

  • The Customer Experience
  • Brand Recall
  • Customer Retention
  • Open Rates
  • Responses

These days, you must be different to attract attention... And nothing draws attention like the extra sensory appeal of ESP.

Register today at: www.RaiseYourImage.com

Open House & Celebration
March 8th, 2-7 pm

Create a better brand experience and Raise Your Image! Contact Us to learn more.

Visions, Inc.
8801 Wyoming Avenue North
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55445

Visions ESP, featuring Scodix technology



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