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Come Experience Visions' Extra Sensory Print (ESP), and the latest Digital Print & Print Enhancement Technologies!

Visions' ESP technology is transforming print into one of the most powerful influencers over consumer buying behavior. Marketers can now connect with customers like never before — through interactive engagement that stimulates the senses. Print can now be used as a powerful differentiator that dramatically improves the customer experience — delivering superior results with improved brand recall, customer retention, open rates and responses! Join us to unmask your potential to Raise Your Image!

HP Indigo 12000


Do you need specialty print that screams WOW, or just best price, best quality services? We have the tools and commitment to deliver both! Come witness the perfect production solution for your Print-on-Demand, direct digital, and digital variable print requirements — efficient, flexible and unmatched quality. When you need that WOW Factor, don't restrict yourself to the CMYK pallet alone? With seven color digital-on-demand capabilities, it's easy to achieve critical color, specialty color, and even white! We have the best digital solutions on the market for converting your creative thoughts, into reality.

Scodix Ultra


But there's more... with our ESP print enhancement technology, engage your customers with tactile sensations that invite interaction while stimulating the imagination. Take personalization to an entirely new level with digital variable foils and digital variable UV. Reach out and touch someone with textured and raised UV surfaces, textured and raised foils, and a variety of dimensional surfaces. Experience for yourself the freedom to create customer-stimulating enhancements without the concern for exorbitant costs and long lead times… and what about substrates? From specialized and synthetic papers, to plastics and fabrics, your only limitation is your creative capacity. The game changing results of ESP are right at your fingertips, and the customer response is phenomenal!

Mark your calendar and join us on October 12, from 3:00-8:00 pm, and witness the latest in digital print enhancement technology — we'll show you exciting new ways to Raise Your Image, amplify your creativity, and engage your clients like never before.

Sign up today and qualify for a $250.00 gift card to be given away at the event. Must be present to win.

Just register before October 5th at: www.RaiseYourImage.com

Create a better brand experience and Raise Your Image! Contact Us to learn more.


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