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A better type of table tent

Why promote your restaurant with a table tent?

Want to boost restaurant revenue? There's three strategies you can try—get more customers, increase prices or get the customers you have to spend more. The first two can be tricky; table tents are a proven way to increase customer spend.

Now, how do you decide what to put on a table tent? Three strategies come to mind:

  • List your top-performing dishes and drinks
  • Offer set menus for lunch and dinner diners
  • Include upsells like desserts, drinks and more

Here's an alternate table tent design that is super cool!

Table Tents are typically 2-sided, with a blank "base" that is taped together, or sometimes uses a die cut slot, etc.

We suggest considering a three-sided table tent, using this configuration (see image below). Why? It's much more stable, it's easy to assemble (we apply a strip of peelable tape) and it provides more "real estate" to promote your message.

For small quantities, it's best to keep the overall size at 18" x 12" or smaller, so it fits on one of our digital presses, for economy sake. The resulting size of each panel would be approximately 5.5" x 12". Of course, you could opt to make them a little less tall as well.

Just another idea for you from us!

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