Direct Marketing

The 40-40-20 rule states that 40% of your direct marketing success depends on the list, 40% on your offer, and 20% on everything else. Get your message to the right audience, with the right offer, and watch your ROI grow.

Visions is your path to 40-40-20 success. We deliver through a carefully planned process that employs sound strategy, focused data, a compelling offer, and memorable creative. It doesn’t stop there. We track performance, collect data, and measure results. We strive to continuously improve on your success, and provide the insight and confidence necessary to create even more successful marketing solutions. Our multi-channel approach leverages the latest in print, email, and interactive technology – we get it right by helping you become more profitable.


Data is one of your most important assets. Successful marketers build and maintain a comprehensive customer and prospect database…do you?


What is your lowest hanging fruit? Develop a strategy to for today’s and tomorrow’s customer.


There are many to choose from. Here’s a tip, use several channels to maximize results.


It starts with a solid brand your customers will recognize and appreciate.


There can be many moving parts in an integrated campaign….Visions makes it easy.


Audience engagement


You can’t measure what you don’t track


The key to long term marketing success- apply what you have learned and continue the process.

Ask us about our continuous improvement model and how you can improve your marketing results.