Multi-Channel Marketing



A survey of over 1,000 businesses, across 10 different vertical industries, found that more than 60% of respondents’ campaigns were personalized or segmented. Above are response and conversion rates from the various personalized marketing camps.

The Pay-Offs of Multiple Channels and Personalization.

It’s been proven that the more channels you use in your marketing campaigns, the greater your response … and the greater your returns. As you can see, the improvements are significant:

When you employ multiple channels in your marketing, take advantage of the opportunity to personalize your messaging. Studies show that relevant and personalized messaging can provide:

21% increase in response rates
22% increase in repeat orders
21% increase in order size
23% increase in revenues*

*InfoTrends study on customized cross-channel communications



Relationship-building is the key to developing and retaining customers. Visions is at the forefront of cross-channel innovations that will revolutionize your marketing efforts and rejuvenate your bottom line. Our tactics include: variable print, email campaigns, campaign-specific landing pages, personalized landing pages, digital banner ads and mobile communications. Remember, the more channels you use, the greater the potential of success. We can help you develop a personal, profitable relationship with your customers. Get personal by contacting Visions today.