Print and Mail



Stimulates the Five Senses

Print is Targeted, Relevant, Impactful and Effective. It drives a higher ROI, and print plays well with others, enhancing the impact of other media by providing an extra dimension – one that’s friendly, warm and inviting; one that can’t be ignored because your prospects are holding it in their hands.

With the surge of the internet and social media, many businesses rely heavily on the web for their marketing and advertising. But don’t get stuck in the web as your only channel. It certainly has its place, but print is still a powerful and necessary marketing tool in a multi-channel world. Click to see some advantages print has over its digital counterparts:


Print is physical – it can remain in houses and offices for months or years. Internet ads can vanish into cyber space instantaneously.


Print gives a sense of legitimacy. Internet pop-ups and banner ads bring fears of spam and viruses. There is no danger to a print ad.


Print excels at solidifying identity – using consistent fonts, colors and images to establish brand recognition.



Targeted Marketing

Ads in specialty magazines effectively reach niche audiences that are difficult to target online.

More Engaging

Consumers are more engaged reading printed materials … unlike websites which are often skimmed in as little as a few seconds.

More Visibility

With more businesses relying solely on the internet for advertising, the decline of print publication can be a marketing advantage. As publications become less crowded, this leaves room for your ad to shine … possibly even at cheaper prices.




Effective marketing employs as many channels as possible for maximum reach. So ignite the benefits of print, and stimulate the senses of your core audience. The right balance among all media will ensure a steady revenue flow, increased sales, and new customers. Visions is a full-service direct marketing services provider; from complete program development to execution – from strategy and creative through printing.

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