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Are you trying to do more with less, but still
looking to improve results?

We can help! Visions is your results-focused partner for innovative marketing solutions.

We’ve evolved on the cutting edge of the communications industry—blending creativity, craftsmanship and technology into a powerful menu of marketing services. Our unique offering integrates a highly-creative direct marketing group with dynamic digital media services—all supported by a complete print, mail and fulfillment center featuring both digital and offset technologies . . . We’re expanding the value chain by delivering smart marketing solutions and improved results!

It’s a complex business world, and sales and marketing groups are constantly being asked to do more with less. But the one constant that attracts new customers, and keeps them coming back, is superior customer service. At Visions, we understand this, and our entire organization is focused on delivering total customer satisfaction. It’s part of our “Continuous Improvement” culture, and mission to deliver improved results through a superior customer experience.

Superior Results & Managed Risk:

Well-run, quality organizations have innovative methods of providing value to their customers. Through our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, supported by LEAN manufacturing principles, Visions is able to focus on providing the highest levels of quality assurance and risk management. Key client benefits are:

  • Focused on prevention rather than detection. Prevention is less work and less expense than detection. Through our ISO quality management system, we prevent product nonconformities.
  • Create consistency throughout all processes. Built around our “best practices.”
  • Improved performance. A well-designed, well-implemented ISO compliant quality management system provides improved customer satisfaction through more effective manufacturing processes and operational efficiencies.
  • Lessens dependency on key individuals. Our ISO quality management system distributes responsibility and accountability across our workforce. More people share more information and accountability for key quality tasks. The result: tasks or processes don’t collapse as each person carries his or her share of the load.
  • Provides blueprint for controlled, disciplined growth. At Visions, we utilize our ISO quality management system as a way to manage our business, systemize practices, and ensure management accountability for our commitments to you.
  • Ensures consistent training. We utilize our ISO quality management system like a collection of road maps—each road map provides direction from one end of a process to the other. New people to the process are trained using the road map. They refer to the road map while they’re learning. Their performance is tested against the road map until they know their process. When a process is changed, the road map is changed, and individuals are retrained.
  • Improved management oversight. Our ISO quality management system incorporates monitoring and measurement of key quality performance indicators. This provides management objective data upon which to base decisions. Our required self-auditing function is even more powerful. Internal auditing is an “early warning system” to help us spot problems that could impact customer satisfaction or operating efficiency—giving us the ability to address and resolve issues before they are detected by others.

Quality Policy:

We exceed customer expectations through our commitment to continuous improvement, and a thorough understanding of customer needs.

ISO 9001:2008 Registered:

ISO is the universally accepted accreditation standard for organizational efficiency, consistency, and dedicated quality service, with the primary goal of total customer satisfaction. It is the foundation for our quality management system and customer first philosophy.

cGMP Current Good Manufacturing Practices:

cGMP refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). CGMPs provide a framework for quality management systems to assure proper control and monitoring of manufacturing processes and facilities. Visions Inc. subscribes to these practices as well as other regulatory guidelines to ensure the delivery of superior results for our customers.

LEAN Manufacturer

The integration of LEAN manufacturing practices include:

  • Hearing the customer
  • Standardized processes/communication
  • Continuous improvement
  • Elimination of waste (MUDA)

SSAE 16: SOC 1 Type 1

Visions has been audited and our current information security policy is aligned with the requirements of SSAE 16: SOC 1 Type 1 protocol as well as our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and cGMP. These policies ensure:

  • The preservation of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer information.
  • The protection of information and information systems from unauthorized access.
  • That only authorized users have access to sensitive customer information.
  • The protection of sensitive information by minimizing the risks of exposing this information to unauthorized parties.
  • That all data transfers, execution of data processing, and amendment and/or purchasing of proprietary customer data is secure and protected.
  • That facility access is controlled – locked down and protected with security protocol and cameras.

Here’s what our quality management process means to you:

Higher level of Quality

  • Our well-defined and documented production processes lead to output that is predictable, repeatable, and meets established quality standards.
  • Results in fewer returned products and fewer complaints.
  • Minimizes risk to our customers.

Consistent On-Time Delivery

  • LEAN manufacturing techniques streamline processes, eliminate waste, and ultimately increase speed and improve quality throughout the entire production process.

Continued Performance Improvement

  • Annual ISO audits assess Visions’ commitment to quality improvement.
  • Visions’ quality management system mandates actionable solutions to any problem.
  • We accomplish continual improvement by establishing standards and practices for monitoring, measurement, and review.

Impeccable Service

  • Visions continues to examine every process from accounting to management to ensure that every internal function has a positive impact on you and your operation.

Our processes create a “right the first time” attitude, and a positive culture of continuous improvement throughout our organization.

Government Printing Office – Quality Level 1

Visions is one of the select few printers in the U.S. with a Level 1 quality rating. A Level 1 printer must provide the highest quality materials, reproducibles, production methods and workmanship. All services are held to the highest standards of accuracy, durability, tight tolerances and appearance.

Visions’ “Quality Manual”, and “Information Security Policy” are available on request.